Polystyrene and foamed polyethylene solutions for packaging and insulation industry. Operation of adequate processes, same that make us different.

We produce and market high-tech products and create solutions for the packaging, packaging, insulation industry.

Polyglobal has experience and international presence as it meets the highest standards in the market according to.

We have a laboratory and qualified personnel that allow us to provide added value to our materials by generating analysis of our high performance and resistance tests, complying with ISTA and ASTM or corporate specifications.

We make our products with the environment in mind.

Since its inception, Polyglobal has been concerned about the environment and being a Socially Responsible Company.

Our facilities have the best and most efficient technology as well as recovery systems, gas washing and water recycling.


ASTM 5511 Norm

For biodegradable materials

Audits and Certifications

We have national and international quality standards and certifications